WATCH: Khuli Chana is back and better than ever

2016-10-16 20:00
Khuli Chana
Khuli Chana (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - While I was at home watching MTV the other day, I caught Khuli Chana and Absolut Vodka’s new advert – a big-budget video that looks a lot like a movie trailer for an African musical.

I’m a fan of the African musical, so it was really interesting to me. It wasn’t until one of my colleagues mentioned that this was actually Khuli Chana’s new, One Source, track, featuring KayGizm, who was in Chana’s previous group Morafe, Victoria Kimani, and Sarkodie, whose music I am also a fan of.

The video is so original and it will make you want to watch genuine Kasi dance and the beauty of Africa. There are some jungle scenes, with roars created by Chana’s deep “Raa Raa.”

Khuli’s songs are amazing, but I wish he would use more Setswana to add flavour to his work. I’m still proud of him. Even though after he was shot wrongfully by police three years ago, he came back with a positive attitude.

“I’m reinventing myself,” he says in the video. Welcome back, Khuli!

Watch the video here: