WATCH: Lasizwe on how he was the 'side dish' in previous relationship

2018-02-26 16:10
Lasizwe Dambuza (Screengrab: YouTube/Lasizwe Dambuza)

Johannesburg – YouTube star Lasizwe has opened up to his fans about how he was the “side dish” in his previous relationship, telling the full story through a video on his channel. 

In November 2017 Lasizwe confirmed to The Juice that he was in a relationship, also releasing the name of his boyfriend through a post on Instagram.

The star later retracted the information after removing the picture from his Instagram page. At the time he called his guy “The realist person,” adding: “He is so honest to me.” 

Well, turns out he was not that honest. 

The clip posted to YouTube, although lengthy, had us gripped from start to finish as Lasizwe described how he met his former bae, who he calls “Marcus” in the video, how they fell in love, and eventually broke up. 

Lasizwe also dishes on juicy details like being asked to come over to Marcus’ house at 23:00 at night, staying over at his place, and finding out that Marcus had cheated on him while he was away at an event in Botswana.

There are even a few teary moments as he repeatedly tells of how he was genuinely in love. 

Take a look below: