(WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) Palesa Madisakwane gets reconstructive surgery after car crash

2019-03-20 11:23
Picture by Onkgopotse Koloti

(WARNING: The article contains graphic content that may not be suitable for sensitive viewers)

Johannesburg – After being involved in a horrid car crash, actress Palesa Madisakwane has revealed that she has undergone reconstructive surgery on the wound sustained to her forehead. 

The surgery, which is known as "scar revision," was done in an effort to help the pronounced scar look more aesthetically pleasing once it heals. 

"Reconstructive surgery with the best plastic surgeon @the_aesthetic_studio with Dr Mia," Palesa wrote when she shared the clips. 

The actress, who shares a child with Somizi, revealed in a separate post that the choreographer also assisted in her healing process by "dragging" her to aesthetic doctor Nicole Kanaris for further treatments after her surgery. 

Dr Kanaris explained what she had done for Palesa in a social media post. "She has a large scar with sutures on her forehead, which a plastic surgeon did a scar revision on. The position of the scar and the tension on it can lead to bad scarring. Dr Kanaris injected botulinum toxin to relax the muscle, thus relaxing the tension on the scar, and promoting a more positive environment for wound healing."

(WARNING: The following clip contains content that may not be suitable for sensitive viewers)