WATCH: Pastor electrocutes congregations and turns water into wine

2016-11-24 10:32


Apostle Phillip Sithole
Apostle Phillip Sithole (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - Apostle Phillip Sithole - known as Hephzibah - from Hammanskraal reportedly commands members of his congregation to touch live wires. 

This comes after Prophet Lethebo Rabalago from Limpopo made headlines earlier this week for spraying his congregations with Doom

In a video released by The Daily Sun you can see Apostle Phillip Sithole commanding a congregant to touch a live wire.

He told the publication, "I can command people to touch live wires and they will not get electrocuted. Anointing is more powerful than live wires." And said that after he had anointed people, they could do anything without putting themselves in danger.

Apostle Philip makes woman eat electric wires and turns water to wine
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Apostle Phillip Sithole also claimed to turn water into wine. He asked a man to drink the "wine" and the man instantly got drunk. 

Apostle Phillip Sithole commanding his church members to do 'strange actions'.
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Watch the full video here:

(Gif: Daily Sun)

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