WATCH: There’s a spa in South Africa just for kids and it has a long list of celebrity clients

2018-07-06 07:04
Takkies and Sana
Takkies and Sana (Photo: The Juice)

Johannesburg – If you frequent the social media accounts of local celeb moms, then you must have come across a post dedicated to Life Baby or Life Day Kids Spa at least once.  

Our interests were piqued when we heard about a spa that caters solely to the needs of babies and children. 

Wait, scratch that. Our interests were piqued when we came across a bunch of celeb babies doing this: 

Of course, when we found out the likes of Kairo Forbes, Sana Dinwiddy and Kenzie Bala frequent this place, we just had to know what it was about.  

Founded by Victoria Massia alongside her mother, both Life Baby and Life Day Kids are part of the Life Day Spa chain. We were invited to spend the day in the Fourways branch, getting a tour of the place and speaking to a few stars about what it is that keeps them coming back.  

The Life Baby section of the spa is best known for its water therapy classes which is said to have many “emotional, physical and cognitive health benefits.” 


Babies, from as young as two days, are submerged in a tub of sterile water, floating with the aid of a neck floatation ring.  

Takkies, whose daughter Sana has been attending these classes for a while, says she’s seen a noticeable improvement in her little one. 

“She’s definitely more aware of the water. She’s confident in the water. And also, she’s flexible and she’s become so strong,” she tells us.  

While babies are treated to massages and water therapy, the older kids have their own dedicated area in the spa known as Life Day Kids.  

We’re talking sparkling juice while you lounge in the hot-tub, manicure and pedicure stations, a hair salon, massage rooms, and even two party rooms in case you’d like to spend your birthday getting pampered alongside your besties.  

Lynn “Glammy” Forbes, who brought along granddaughter Kairo on the day, says the spa is about more than just spoiling your kid.  

“For me this is not about a little girl that is spoilt, coming to a spa, being treated. This is about bringing a little girl, and from very young age  teaching her that my body is important, that I need to take care of my body. So doing the nails and doing the massages, apart from the health benefits that they get here, for me there’s a psychological benefit to making sure that a little girl actually learns to respect her own body from when she is very little.”