WATCH: These ex-Isidingo hotties make a steamy on-screen couple

2017-04-19 15:41
Ashish Gangapersad
Ashish Gangapersad (Photo: Screengrab, Facebook)

Cape Town - Ex-Isidingo actors Ashish Gangapersad and Kim Engelbrecht have made a smoking hot promo clip for a show that they are working on. And you have to watch it now! 

The clip is called Flawed and features the very good looking pair in a courtroom, interlaced with beautiful landscape and close-up shots. 

The video is meant to give a "feel" of what the production would look like if it reaches it's funding goals. 

Ashish shared the video with the following caption which explains the idea behind making the promo clip, "Hi good people, a friend of mine notified me that a video we have created has found its way online so before it goes any further I thought I’d share it with you personally. I wasn't sure if I could/can due to a few concerns however seeing that it is online already…

"This is ‘FLAWED’, a PROMO/Proof of concept for a show that we have been working on as I mentioned some time back. We’re still far from making this a reality but we believe we’re moving in the right direction, sharing the vision and continuing to raise funds for full production.

"Though this was truly one of the most difficult things we’ve done, it couldn’t have been done without this small team of incredible people. Please feel free to like and share this video, comment and ask any questions should you have any. A few things we would like to know from those of you that do watch this… Do you find this visually appealing? Does it have an international look and feel? And does the story intrigue you? We have and are continuing to work tirelessly on our show and we sincerely hope to have your support. Thank you! The song in the video is Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (sic)

See the clip here:

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