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WATCH: These funny animals videos will make you LOL!

2016-11-26 07:57


Cat and Dog (Photo: Pexels)

Johannesburg – They’re cute, funny, and just down right adorable. These hilarious animal videos are just too good not to share. 

Kids may say the darndest things, but these animals didn’t have to say a word to get us cracking up. Well, actually, one or two of them did. 

1. Trying to hit that high note like… 

2. When you’re caught in the act.

3.. Everybody overestimates their abilities sometimes… even cats. 

4. Animals can be jerks too. 

5. Talking dog? Or just fancy howling? Whatever it is, it’s adorable. 

6. This parrot is the best! 

7. Yes, that gorilla just flipped off his friend. To be fair, his friend is kind of a jerk.