WATCH: Trevor Noah recounts being tossed from a moving minibus taxi as a child

2017-02-18 12:01
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah (Photo: Screengrab, The View, YouTube)

Cape Town - South African comedian and author Trevor Noah was a guest on American talk show The View on Friday and retold the story of being thrown from a moving vehicle during the last days of Apartheid. 

The incident happened when Trevor was a child and was in a minibus taxi with his mother and younger brother. Trevor says that the driver of the vehicle took offense at the fact that the comedian's black mother had made a child with a white man and threatened her life. So, at the next available opportunity the author, his mother and his baby brother fled from the moving vehicle. 

Trevor also mentions his absolute admiration for his mother in the sit-down chat, saying that mothers are like superheroes without the capes. 

See Trevor Noah on The View, here: