“We are less represented now than we were in 1994. That is the truth.” - Lorcia Cooper

2017-09-20 11:01
PHOTO: lorcia1cooper/Instagram

Lorcia has been on our screens since the early 2000’s in shows such as Backstage, Scandal and some movies too. The talented actress and choreographer took a few years off the screen to reposition herself as an actress after being typecast for so many years.

"I needed to be able to know who I was and what I could give. When you discover what you have to give, you become invaluable to yourself. I also think that being coloured in this industry is a flipping hard thing because there are not a lot of roles for coloured people anymore, not on our local screens anyway," she said.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Lorcia expressed that she believed coloured people were much underrepresented in the industry as they are often cast according to stereotypes, which leaves little room for accurate representation.

"Look at me, 14 years in the industry and up until last year I was still playing (the role of) the pretty coloured girl. I also think that coloured people are underrepresented. There is no representative of us. Look at shows and there is a complete exclusion of coloured people… My belief is that there are are stories that are coloured driven but all stories can be coloured driven. We are less represented now than we were in 1994. That is the truth.”