We break down what happened between Pearl Thusi and the photographer

2016-06-09 14:40
Pearl Thusi Instagram
Pearl Thusi (Photo credit: Instagram)

Cape Town – To help people understand the incident that caused #CreditThePhotographer and Pearl Thusi to trend, we will break it down into a series of numbered posts. 

Because sometimes when topics or people trend on social media it can be hard to understand what exactly happened.

After we have given you a break down, we'll leave it up to you to decide who is on the right-side of public opinion. 

1. Pearl Thusi posted a picture to her Instagram, saying that she didn’t know who took it. 

Here’s that tweet: 

2. Then a Twitter user named, Austin Malema, who is a freelance photographer according to his Linkedin page, called Thusi out for not crediting him for the picture. 

Here’s that tweet:

3. Pearl then deleted the photo from her Instagram. 

4. Twitter then went on a spree, saying that Austin was attacking Pearl Thusi. A claim that Austin denied. Then, when asked if it was possible that Pearl genuinely didn’t know that he took that photograph, that perhaps someone had sent it to her. 

He then said that she had in fact liked the picture when he posted it on Instagram, earlier. 

Here’s the Tweet: 

5. As a final shot, Pearl posted this on her Twitter: 

So, lovers of celebrity Juice, who do you think is right?