I am really the first one to walk this path, there is no pressure: DJ Black Coffee

2016-08-15 14:03
DJ Black Coffee,Supplied
DJ Black Coffee,Supplied

Cape Town - The Juice recently gave BET award winner DJ Black Coffee a call in Greece, where he is on tour.

We asked him all about his European summer tour, what he misses about South Africa and when he’s coming home. 

Here’s the full interview: 

The Juice: You’re half way through your European Summer Tour, how has the whole experience been?

DJ Black Coffee: It’s been really amazing and really hard at the same time. The jetlag has been tough, because of flying back and forth, and missing home but the crowds and people have been fantastic. 

The Juice: You’re really doing an amazing job at putting South African music on the map, do you feel any pressure?

DJ Black Coffee: No, I don’t, because there’s really no-one that has done it before. So I am really the first one to walk this path, there is no pressure. It’s all about the goals that I have set for myself and where I want to take my music.

The Juice: What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourself? 

DJ Black Coffee: I want to take my music and really put South Africa on the map. I want to take things to the next level, globally. 

The Juice: How have you experienced the vibe and energy in Europe? 

DJ Black Coffee: The reception has been outstanding. Last week I was invited by Solomun to Pacha (a world famous club in the party town of Ibiza) and I had the most incredible night. The crowd loved South African music, it was an epic night. 

*Here’s a pic of that night that Black Coffee posted to his Instagram*

The Juice: Do you have a special routine or something that you do, before you go on stage? 

DJ Black Coffee: Well, there’s nothing really out of the ordinary that I do, but I do pray and just prepare my music, obviously (laughs). I don’t do too much research (about the country or venue that I am playing in) because I like to go on and just feel the energy of the crowd. 

The Juice: What do you miss most about being home?

DJ Black Coffee: The dancing. I definitely miss the crowd dancing the most. In Europe it’s different, it’s all about the overall experience of being out but in SA it’s all about the groove and the beat. It’s a totally different energy. 

The Juice: When can we expect you back in the country and when will be your next local performance?

DJ Black Coffee:  I actually have no idea, it’s been so hectic (laughs). But I will be back on the country on the 1st of September. And I think that it’s going pretty well, because my manager has just hired a plane (laughs).