We chat to rising star BK

2016-08-24 17:00


BK (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – With the release of her first EP on the way, up-and-coming muso B.K is ready to show the world what she’s got. 

Speaking to The Juice, the rapper/singer shared her journey from the first song she ever wrote, to now working alongside big names like Reason. 

Where did the name BK come from?

The name BK is from my name. My name is Bokamoso. You know, I got kind of tired of people pronouncing it wrong so I just chopped it up to BK, and that’s what people started calling me. 

Why did you decide to get into hip-hop? 

I’ve always been passionate about hip-hop. I started out as a hip-hop beat maker. I used to make hip-hop beats, and then that passion kind of grew into writing as well. Then I became good at writing and then eventually I got the courage to actually step up to the mic and start rapping. So it was just a natural progression from just being the beat maker and having a passion for hip-hop, to actually being on the mic. 

If you weren’t a musician, what else would you be doing? 

I think I’d be into film. I’d be doing some movies and writing and stuff, cause I am passionate about writing and storytelling. I have a deep passion for animals as well so I probably would have been a vet or something. 

The hip-hop industry in SA is very competitive. What sets you apart from the competition? 

The way I tell my musical story is so different from other people. Just the way I write my songs, the topics. Even the fact that I really sing/rap. I love doing music, not just as a gimmick, but just to put out like proper, proper music. I thinks that’s what sets me apart, it’s just my passion for the art-form. 

What is your is your writing process? 

Generally I write in studio. So on the day I’ll be hearing the piece of music for the first time and I usually go with my first instinct. However I connect to the music, whatever topic comes to my head when I hear the music, I go with that, and then I write that. 

Can you remember the first song you wrote? 

I think I was in standard 4 or something, and it was a ballad. It’s like, it was pop. It was like so cheesy though, but I was in standard 4. 

What has been a standout moment in your career? 

The biggest highlight of my career so far has to be just seeing my fanbase grow. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than just seeing the amount of people that appreciate my work. Cause at the end of the day you do it for yourself, but you also do it for the people. And just to see the amount of feedback I’ve been getting from my music is fantastic. 

Tell us a little about your EP 

It’s coming out on the 26th of this month, which is on Friday. And the EP has got seven songs, but one of the songs is a remix of one of the songs I’ve already released. I only have one feature, which is a song with Reason and Ginger Breadman, the rest is all me. The album title is Ta Fego, which is my dad. This album is dedicated to him because he has contributed quite a bit as well to the music industry in the 80’s. So just to pay homage to him and the work that he has done, I dedicated my very first project to him.