We chat to the American designer who wants to dress Black Coffee

2017-10-30 16:00
StayFly Thrash
StayFly Thrash (Photo: Jonathan Ferrier/Red Bull Content Pool)

Cape Town – The Juice recently sat down with American fashion star Stayfly Thrash (Quinton Thrash) and spoke to him about Red Bull TV’s programme, Social Fabric on which he will be featured.

We met the creative fashion-lover at Red Bull’s head office on a sunny Monday in Cape Town. His effortless style was apparent from the moment he walked in, wearing a suit with a beautiful brown travel bag. 

He told us about how he came to work on the show, which local celeb he would like to style and the one thing he wished he’d known when he was younger. 

Here's The Juice's interview with American designer and fashion influencer Stayfly Thrash:

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How did you get involved with the series Social Fabric on Red Bull TV?

I am actually friends with Jonas Bell Pasht who is the producer and director of the show. I am actually good friends with him through the men’s wear world. He actually contacted me when he started the show because (I guess) he felt that I had the right look for the show. I didn’t know that it would escalate to me being here with Red Bull. I actually met him at an event in LA and he admired my style. So, anything fashion based that he works on, he kind-of keeps me involved. 

Here's a look at Red Bull TV's programme, Social Fabric:

What South African or international star would you like to style?

I’m been hearing about this person since I got in yesterday… What’s his name? Black? 

Black Coffee?

Yes him! I’ve been hearing great things about him. Everyone seems to be talking about him and I’d love to meet him and learn more about him.

Who are your biggest style influences?

I am a big fan of Ralph Lauren; he embodies such great effortless, timeless American style. That’s what I am all about timeless style, so I want to be able to wear things that I can wear today, when I’m 28 and when I’m 58. I want to still have that same style and understanding of what I am wearing. When I’m 28 I don’t want to be wearing Jordan’s still. That’s why I chose the men’s wear lane to brand myself, so that I can have something that has longevity. 

You’ve made a career from following your passion; do you have any advice for South Africans who want to do the same thing?

Find something that you love and find a way to affect people with it. My whole idea with what I do is to influence and inspire people. Because I come from a small country town in Georgia (USA) where there is no fashion, we don’t even have a mall there or any kind of shopping stores – so me getting into style in fashion was a big thing for me. I resonate with people in a different way because they see that even though we’re not from that lifestyle we can still be a part of it. That was my main thing that I wanted to be a channel for it. 

What’s the one thing you wish that you had known five years ago? Like what would you go back and tell your younger self?

I wish I knew about tailoring. Because when I was younger I thought that I was a stylish person and when I got into men’s wear I got into thrifted suits and things like that, but I didn’t know anything about tailoring. So I didn’t know how to evaluate myself other than wearing crazy colours and patterns and things like that but once I learned about how tailoring effects things, how you can accentuate certain parts of your body. Where I’m from I thought tailoring was “Where you get your pants hemmed at.” So I wish I had known that. 

What’s your favourite outfit that you’ve worn?

Oh wow, actually it goes back to Jonas from the show. I was working with him on another project and I wore this outfit; every article that I had on was plaid. I had a pair of custom pants made that I found at a goodwill and they were plaid and then I went and bought more (plaid). I had the waistband and the cuff of the pants made into a different plaid. So I had on a plaid tie, plaid shirt and plaid pants with two different types of plaid, then I threw it all the way off and had on polka dot socks. 

See that outfit here:

What’s one thing you want South Africa to know about you? 

Good question…The one thing I want South Africa to know about me is that I want to connect different people through different fashions and cultures. I want to connect different people and use fashion and style as the driving force behind it. 

What is a Dandy?

A dandy is someone who focuses a lot of attention in their style of dress and conduct themselves in a very gentlemanly way. 

Where you can watch the show:

You can watch all 12 episodes of Social Fabric, free and on demand, and discover the world of style with Kyle Ng.

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