We talk to Kenny Kunene about his fiancée and becoming a dad again

2017-02-28 07:54


Kenny Kunene
Kenny Kunene. (Gallo Images)

Cape Town - South Africa's most controversial playboy, Kenny Kunene, is settling down and tying the knot with his girlfriend of four years.

Kenny, 46 describes his fiancée - who is 24 years his junior - as "extremely loving and loyal." He goes on to say that "she loves kids, and kids love her. I even get jealous sometimes."

The business man proposed to his girlfriend, Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga, two years ago. It was while on a business trip to London that he realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. 

(Weekly Xposé - Kenny Kunene's news website - annouced the engagement news on social media) 

"On our way back to South Africa we stopped in Duhar and I bought her a promise ring. I told her that I promise to marry her, and when we get home I want to start the lobola negotiations, but she refused," he said. 

"She wanted to wait until she finished her studies. And she finished last year."

This gesture impressed Kenny tremendously. "She is just so organised. She plans her life and is in control of her own destiny. She isn't impressed by money or power." 

The business man couldn't stop gushing about his bride-to-be, who he also calls, "a shy person and a natural introvert."

Also dubbed "The Sushi King," Kenny is known for controversy: Serving time behind bars, eating sushi off semi-naked ladies, showing support for Oscar Pistorius and his numerous affairs with well-known local celebrities.

Kenny Kunene

(Kenny Kunene eats sushi off half-naked ladies during his 44th birthday party at Taboo in 2015)

But when we pointed out the contrast between his colourful past and his reserved relationship with Nonkululeko, he says, "This has always been me. I've never been anyone else."

He explains that the media has painted this picture of a playboy lifestyle, when in reality he has always been a "family man."        

Kenny gives the following example, "I got married three years after I left varsity. I've raised, and taken care of three kids. Kids that weren't even my own."

Speaking about the string of failed relationships following his divorce, Kenny says, "All the relationships after my divorce were just not meant to be. God guides us every day, and God decided that this is the right time for me."

He also added, "There is no beef between myself and my ex-wife."

The couple are also expecting their first child together, but Kenny did not want to disclose when the baby will be born. "I'm an African, and as part of our culture I can't tell you anything further about the pregnancy."

Kenny did reveal that he is "on top of the world and is overwhelmed with joy."

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(Kenny Kunene and his fiancée, Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga)