We talk to Papa Penny Penny about his hot son's sudden fame

2017-03-17 08:22


Papa Penny Penny
Papa Penny Penny (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - We talked to the legendary Tsonga disco king Papa Penny Penny about his reality show, his very attractive son and his father's 27 wives. 

Penny Penny's reality TV show, Papa Penny Penny Ahee! aired its first episode in January, and South Africans just can't get enough of the flamboyant TV personality.

Talking about the show's sudden popularity Papa Penny Penny says: "I never expected it. Sometimes when you do something then you're not sure if people are going to like it. But I call it a blessing from God. The way people are supporting my show is a miracle. I'm happy. Because it's rare that people can love you so much."

On Wednesday night's episode the star held a tombstone unveiling for his fallen family members, including his late father. The reality TV show star comes from a very big family. "My father had 27 wives and I was child number 68," he explains. 

So of course, the whole family attended to pay tribute to the late patriarch. 

Talking about the unveiling he says: "My father is not dead. His body might be dead, but his spirit is still with me. I promised myself if I got money then I would do it for him. It was joyous. I was very happy."

Papa Penny Penny's father passed away in 1965, when the musician was only 5 years old. But because his family had to disperse after being forcibly removed from their homes by the former apartheid regime, they were never able to put up a proper tombstone for their family members.

Meet Bafana Mdluli

But it was one family member in particular who caught the attention of ladies across the country - His son Bafana Mdluli 

Social media was filled with comments from ladies, asking to know more about the handsome man. 

When asked about his son's sudden fame, he says: "His name is Bafana and he is born 1988. Most of my children take their mother's surname but I am their favourite. That boy, I am so happy when he comes to see me."

"He called me this morning saying that he has booked a lot of photo shoots and that he is famous now. My boy is happy," he laughs. 

"You'll see even more of him on next week's episode," he ads. 

Upon further investigation we also discovered that Bafana works at Standard Bank and is an aspiring model. You can follow him on Instagram here. (You're welcome!)

I've chosen to be happy... Embrace life #priceless

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While talking to the star it becomes very clear that family is very important to him: "Without my family I am nothing. Even if I have money, if I am not connected to my family I cannot enjoy myself. Money is nothing when you don't have family. My family comes before anyone else."

And in case you were wondering, all the drama you see on TV is totally real. "It's not about scripts. It is hard work. But I'm used to the cameras."

He ends off the interview by saying "Ayee!" and reminds us that he speaks "Penny Penny English" and not "University English."

Ayee, Papa Penny Penny!

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