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2016-08-22 15:56


Mishqah Parthiephal
Mishqah Parthiephal (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - There’s no stopping Mishqah Parthiephal - SA's acting gem! 

Mishqah Parthiephal plays Vania in the SABC 1 drama, Skeem Saam

It's clear that Mishqah Parthiephal has been making all the right moves. Her transition from small screen to silver screen has been effortless and fluid. And we can't wait to buy a ticket to see her in the local film, Keeping Up with the Kandasamys.

We sat down with Mishqah and got the low down on yet another one of her career achievements, landing the role of Vania in the youth drama, Skeem Saam

What was it like Skeem Saam?
It was a bit daunting in the beginning because this was my first time shooting in studio. I had only been on film sets or filmed for TV series that was shot on location. I learn a lot about filming in a studio and their on set jargon.
What can we expect from your character, Vania?
Vania is a passionate latino woman. She holds her friendships close to her heart and gets very jealous when her relationships are threatened. She becomes most interesting when her best friends and cellmates betray her.

What valuable lesson have you learnt from being part of this show?
Learning how to do a Brazilian accent was the most challenging part for me. I didn't even know what a Brazilian accent was until I started my research process for the character. It took a lot of time and dedication to perfect my accent.

How many episodes will you appear in?
I've shot roughly 45 episodes so far.
How do you relate to your character?
Vania is not like me at all. I'm reserved and shy. I wouldn't do anything that would get me into trouble let alone land me in jail.
Who do you act alongside, and what was that like?
Amanda DuPont plays Lelo. She's a sweetheart to work with.
Why is this show important to you as an actress?
Skeem Saam was the one soapie that I really wanted to be in. I think their stories are truthful and real that all South Africans can relate to.
What important message can you take out of the show that you want the viewers to embrace?
Value and appreciate those close to you. This really stuck with me throughout production and I hold the experience close to my heart.
Where can we catch it?
Monday to Friday, 18:30 on SABC 1.

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