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We unpack the Nasty C and Dr Malinga beef

2017-03-15 18:02
Dr Malinga, Nasty C (Photo: Instagram/Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – It was all-out twar between Nasty C and Dr Malinga! The musos caused a stir on social media after hurling insults at each other, but according to Dr Malinga's manager, the Via Orlando singer has no beef with Nasty C.

ICYMI here's a recap of the drama that unfolded:

It all started when Dr Malinga shared this tweet referring to Nasty C as a “pawn shop”, insinuating that the rapper bought the awards received for his music.

Things got heated when Nasty C retaliated with a message for Dr Malinga. "You're like 103 and you wear green shorts all the way up to your man-boobs, and pink shoes, and you pretend to try and kick down a plane when you on stage. you're a fucking gimmick. You are a publicity stunt. Let it go, it's okay, cut the shit," he says in the clip. (sic)

Watch Nasty C's full response here:

Because cyber bullies ain't shit.

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But that did not stop Dr Malinga. Instead of backing down, he continued to mock Nasty C. 

And it didn't end there. After laughing off Nasty C's comments, Dr Malinga fired back with a few of his own. 

"Thinking of remixing JUICE BACK to AWARDS BACK can I? Lol," he wrote in one tweet, while in another he added, "Next time when I see Nasty C I'll act like I'm kicking mosquito knowing he's my target lol kidding."

No beef here

Speaking to The Juice, Dr Malinga's manager, Lawrence Netshifhefhe, said that Malinga has no beef with Nasty C. "To be honest, Dr Malinga likes Nasty C. He doesn't have a problem with Nasty C." 

Lawrence says Dr Malinga's issue is with Nasty C's track, Hell Naw, winning Song Of The Year at the Metro FM awards. "According to his own opinion Malinga is saying Babes Wodumo was supposed to be the person who takes the Song Of The Year Award. It's his own opinion."

"He [Dr Malinga] likes Juice Back. He likes it so much, he even complimented him [Nasty C]. He even invited him to one of his gigs he was doing in Hammanskraal. But Hell Naw is another song that, for us, we don't believe warrants Song Of The Year," he adds.

The Juice also reached out to Mabala Noise PR manager, Tumi Moatshe, who simply said, "All we can say to Dr Malinga is if you are living in a glass house don't throw stones."