Weekly trips to the hair salon, exfoliation and manicures! SA celebs share their secrets on Men’s Grooming Day

2017-08-18 12:45
Photo: Supplied/ Earl Martin Photography

There are few things sexier than well-turned-out man.

Gone are the days where expertly styled hair, moisturised skin and even manicured nails were considered too girly for the everyday man.

On this year’s Men’s Grooming day, we take a look at some famous men with impressive grooming routines.

Chad Saaiman

The hunky muso believes that when you look good, you feel good.

“For my hair and beard I head to my barber once a week for a beard trim and to get my fade looking slick on my sides.

“For my skin I use an exfoliating face wash, toner, eye-alert cream and moisturizer all from one of my favorite skincare brands, Kiehl's,” the Belief singer explains.

“I believe grooming is important because it shapes the way you look, which, in turn, can shape the way you feel.

“We all want to feel good. Male grooming now, versus 10 years ago, is a normality and most men are paying a bit more attention to their appearance.  And that's great!”

Das Kapital

The 5FM DJ says he feels confident when he steps out after his grooming routine.

“A serious haircut and scalp treatment, a clean shave, exfoliating and cleansing my face – if I time this right (before a big string of club gigs), I feel amazing when I'm out and about!

“When you're trying to project a particular image, looking after yourself helps,” Das says.

“If I'm going in for meetings with brands, promoters or companies, I make sure to look a bit sharper than when I'm stuck in studio writing music all week.”

“The idea that you're willing to make an effort for yourself has a psychosomatic effect that boosts your confidence and also shows others that you might be willing to make similar effort for them.”

Jimmy Nevis

Having recently launched his very own clothing line, York Yard, the 25-year-old hit-maker is always on point.

He shares his secret to keeping his look in tip-top form: “I usually have a set day, once a week, where I cut my nails, trim my body hair and facial hair.

“Taking good care of your skin, your hygiene and your looks goes a long way in making you feel your best. It's also a good habit to have because it means you're always ready for anything.”

Katlego Maboe

Nominated for a Most Stylish Male Celeb award at last year’s YOU Spectacular, Katlego knows how to make the ladies and gents do an envy-filled double-take.

The Expresso Morning Show presenter says trimming his hair tops his list of grooming essentials.

“My bi-weekly haircut is by far my favourite. The end result leaves me feeling super sleek.

“Not only is it essential from a hygienic point of view but I believe that personal grooming does a lot of good for a man's confidence and motivation.”

Sibu Mpanza

Apart from having his hair and beard taken care of at his trusted hair salon, Sibu says his grooming routine includes the odd manicure.

“When I can, I get a manicure from Sorbet, manicures are amazing,” says the award-winning YouTuber.

“Luckily, good genes has saved me from having skin problems on my face. I just keep my hands clean as much as possible, wash my face with any soap and wait for it to cool off, then a thin layer of lotion – always.”