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What goes on behind-the-scenes of a game show?

2018-11-16 18:30
Tropika Smoooth Fan
Tropika Smoooth Fan (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Channel24 was invited to a taping of celebrity trivia game show Tropika Smoooth Fan in Cape Town and we're giving you a behind-the-scenes look! 

Before the show went to air, we got to meet Khanyi Mbau's biggest fans, Wendy Debengu, Caroline Buta, Nkosingiphile Nkosi and Thandeka Mabaso, who would compete for the R20 000 cash prize, and awesome spot prizes.

The contestants got to meet Khanyi ahead of time, and it was amazing to see how the Frank & Fearless actress socialised with her fans.

The 33-year-old TV personality took selfies and gave her fans her undivided attention.

Tropika Smoooth Fan

About the major love she has for her fans, she said: "They are a great indication of how well I am doing in my career which is why it is so important to recognise them and listen to everything they have to say."

All four contestants spoke about how much they admire Khanyi and how they see her as a "role model." When asked why she feels so many people around the country identify with her she replied: "I am a true being. I've grown in front of everyone. I've had my flaws, my mistakes, my victories out in the open and I have hidden nothing from those who support me."

"I have fallen many times and my fans have helped pick me up. I am literally a brand people can say they have watched transform and grow into what it is today," she added. 

After the meet and greet, the fabulous four fans, were escorted to hair and make-up, before being showed to the stage where they got to practise with the buzzer and get comfortable in-front of the camera.

Of course, the show's seasoned host Rorisang Thandekiso was there to give the contestants her expert tips and tricks to get the best out of their on-camera debut!  

Tropika Smoooth Fan

The set is exactly how you see it on TV, four colourful podiums, big screens, and a giant spinning wheel mounted to the wall. 

Observing the show from behind the cameras and seeing all the "TV magic" firsthand feels a little bit surreal. From behind-the-scenes it feels as if time is moving at super-speed.

Between segments, when the show breaked for a commercial, make-up artists would walk on stage to touch up Khanyi and Rori's make-up, and the crew walk on set to adjust the cameras, lights and microphones. 

Tropika Smoooth Fan

The contestants flew through the challenges with ease proving that they were indeed Khanyi's superfans. But one thing Khanyi told Channel24 was that her fans would be surprised to know that she is a very "shy and private" person.

"I would prefer being alone in a car or at home watching TV than in a stadium being watched by lots of people - which is shocking because I made a career from being in the public eye," she said.

There was a lot of fun on the set, and both Rori and Khanyi would encourage fans during the commercial breaks to keep up their energy. And there was loads of singing and dancing!

After the second the challenge, the two bottom contestants joined the crew and media behind-the-scenes. They were in good-spirits, relaxed in the lounge, and had a snack. 

Tropika Smoooth fan

Ultimately it was the Nkosingiphile Nkosi who walked away with the prize money, as well as two spot prizes after spinning the wheel.

Khanyi said that she hopes viewers take away from the episode that she is "as human as they are" and a "hard-working mom."

And even though I'm sure that Khanyi made the contestants' day she actually learns a lot from her fans as well, she said: "The biggest lesson my fans have taught me about my career is that you need to be true to yourself and not hide your imperfections."

"They appreciate honesty. Honesty all the way - and that trust is something that needs to be earned."  

Tropika Smoooth Fan

Catch Tropika Smoooth Fan every Friday at 18:00 on SABC 1.

(Photos: Channel 24)