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What it took to be Queen B!

2017-08-10 13:43
Host Bonang Matheba. (Gallo Images)

TV AND radio personality, Bonang Matheba, recently published a book about her life. On her journey to stardom, Queen B has encountered the good and bad side of the entertainment industry and says the book is more of an inspirational read than an autobiography.


The Top Billing presenter explains to Move! that the book’s title, Bonang: From A to B, has been in the pipeline for some years. “I wrote about many of the career decisions I’ve made, including all the little secrets I’ve never talked about; all the repetitions, methods, calculations and equations I’ve used to create this huge brand, as well as many of my interactions with other people in the industry. Basically, the things that didn’t make it to the tabloids because I just had to be the ice queen,” she says. “The book has been in the pipeline for years now, I’ve always wanted to talk about my journey my way and set a few things straight. People often have the wrong perceptions on how I went from a simple girl from Mahikeng to Queen B, so this book gives me the chance to put perceptions in order,” explains Bonang. People may call it an autobiography, but Bonang doesn’t categorise the book as autobiography or self-help, saying it’s about the things she learnt throughout the years. “The book is basically about all the trials and tribulations I went through and the lessons learnt in the years I’ve been in the industry,” says Bonang. “I feel like sharing this will help other people who might be in the same situation I was in and will give them insight on how to deal with certain things in the industry.”


After years of anticipation, her fans will finally get a glimpse of what it takes to be Bonang when her reality show premieres next month.     Queen B is regarded as one of the most elusive and biggest superstars of this era and her admirers will get an exclusive look into her exciting life in the reality series, Being Bonang. After her resignation from Metro FM, her fans thought she’d move to another radio station, but little did they know that Queen B had something way better in store.     Shortly after that Bonang took to her Instagram account to break the good news about her upcoming reality series, which will be produced by her own entertainment company, Bonang Matheba Entertainment. Clearly again, this promises to be yet another great year for Bonang.