Why we absolutely love Pinky girl

2017-09-29 13:39
PHOTO: tebogo_pinkygirl/Instagram

As much as Bonang is the star of her reality show Being Bonang, we can't help but also love and notice her cousin Pinkie. And we are pretty sure that outside of tuning to find out what Queen B is up to, there are many viewers who tune in just for PinkyGal.

Here are five reasons why we absolutely love Pinky and we are sure you may agree with some of them:

1) The way she talks

Pinky speaks very slow and so polite. And it also looks like she is just lazy to talk, instead of being annoying, it makes her look cute and interesting.

2) Pinky's love for her champagne like Queen B

Remember the episode Bonang said she was hungry and at a shoot and all Pinky remembered to get was her booze?

3) She is stylish

From her many outfit changes on the show and her many hairstyles, including that one that fell in water, Pinky always looks on point

4) She is real

Unlike other characters around Bonang you seem like they are putting on a show or are talking extra fancy for the camera, Pinky is just so real and looks unbothered by it all. We love that.

5) Her facial expressions

Pinky's facial expressions are to die for. Whether she is looking at Bonang as she talks to Sfiso on the phone or during commentary she gives face.

And by now if you don't know who we are talking about tune in to Being Bonang on Vuzu Amp Friday's at 7:30 pm to see.