Winnie’s greatest desire is to empower women

2017-10-04 09:21
Winnie Ntshaba (Instagram)

ACTRESS and business woman, Winnie Ntshaba, finds it fulfilling to empower women into becoming financially independent. With 13 years in the entertainment industry, Winnie has learned to be patient with herself and life as a whole. The former Generations’ star talks to Move! about the challenges that prevent some women from achieving their goals. Having built her brand from scratch, she seems to be the relevant person.


Winnie is a typical example of not allowing your background to determine your future. From fetching water in a river to becoming an actress and business woman, she has managed to uplift herself. No wonder she is the brand ambassador for Sunlight. For over 120 years, Sunlight has evolved with the times and introduced ground-breaking opportunities and products for ordinary women. Winnie believes she was chosen as brand ambassador because she lives the message the brand is trying to convey and promote. “The message by Sunlight is ‘go further’ and I am living that message. Anyone from anywhere can use Sunlight and get the same experience. I believe that I am that person most people can easily relate to,” says Winnie.  “Although I am the girl from the rural areas, I have made great strides in life. Looking back from when I started, I have grown and I am a typical example of all that we are trying to convey.”


Winnie is a strong believer in the Bible and is also a praying woman. She says what most women are lacking is support. “Women are not being supported enough. That is why their lives are filled with doubt and fear to fail. If you believe that you cannot do something, then you will not be able to,” says Winnie. “You need to be strong and confident in whatever you do because not everyone will agree with you. Refusing to give up is the secret to success.”


Sunlight is running a competition where they will send winners to an academy to teach them life skills. Each contestant will get a certificate after completion. “The campaign I am busy with will give women a sense of direction so that they can have a purpose in life,” she says. “Gone are the days when women were expected to stay at home, now they have to be financially independent. And we are here to build each and every woman.”

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