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'Women should embrace themselves,' says Thando Hopa

2017-08-28 05:00


Thando Hopa (Photo: Instagram/Thando Hopa)

Johannesburg – Encouraging women at the Marie Claire Future Shapers 2017 event, lawyer, model and activist Thando Hopa spoke about the importance of embracing who you are. 

Speaking to guests, the star, who recently took part in a shoot for the 2018 Pirelli Calendar alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Diddy, said: “Women need to know they are adequate, and find ‘enoughness’ in every sense of themselves.” 

Addressing her journey with learning to embrace herself, Thando said she always felt anxious because of her appearance when she was younger. Doing her first bare-faced shoot was one of the things that helped her overcom that fear. 

“This first shoot started me on my journey towards self-acceptance and ‘enoughness’. I realised that by stretching my own boundaries, I was doing it not only for myself but also for all the young girls out there who were feeling that they were not enough. The truth is, we ARE all enough, and when we believe that, the world comes to believe that,” she added.