WTF is a #blesser? We unpack the trending topic!

2016-05-12 08:05


Kenny Kunene - Gallo
Kenny Kunene (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - The "blesser" phenomenon has seriously been blowing up our timelines lately, and even celebrities are weighing in on this trending topic.

On Tuesday evening, playboy Kenny Kunene, appeared on the current affair show, Check Pointapologising to all the women he used to bless. "I apologise to all those girls who I directly or indirectly bought for sex. I realise that I was a pimp and I turned countless girls into prostitutes."

Some people even went as far as to call Khanyi Mbau the original "blessee" because of her marriage to millionaire Mandla Mthembu. To which she responded on Twitter, "He can't be a blesser if I was his wife."

So, where do we draw the line? Lets start at the beginning.

1) What is a "blesser"?

Just that. A "blesser" blesses his "blessee" with anything from money and weaves to overseas holidays, and Louis Vuitton bags. Think of him as the modern day "sugar daddy". So basically, when you have a "blesser" then your life is blessed financially.

2) Where does the term "blesser" come from?

The term "blesser" comes from social media. Girls would post pictures on Instagram of themselves sipping cocktails on the beach, popping bottles in the club or getting their nails done, using the hashtag #blessed. Some people started asking: Who’s really blessing them? And just like that, a cultural phenomenon was born.

3) Where can a "blesser" be found?

Much like everything these days, you can even find a "blesser" online. Yes, there is an actual dating site Blesserfinder. But we rarely see the identity of these "blessers" because more often than not, they are married and some even have children.

4) Who are we to judge?

Just like Kenny Kunene, you might think that this is prostitution. Essentially these "blessees" are accepting money in exchange for sex.

Well, in an interview with CheckPoint, the founder of Blesserfinder said that he is not a pimp, because he does not charge for the service. "There was no payment upfront for sex," he said in the interview.

For many young woman this lifestyle might look extremely appealing. And for many this is their only way out of poverty. At the end of the day, the Mercedes Benz and the penthouse all come at a cost.

But who are we to judge? In the end, you have to live your best life. And only you can decide what that means for you.