Zahara's second chance at love

2017-08-14 10:16
Zahara (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg - Singer and songwriter Zahara is madly in love.

The Phendula hitmaker has got a second chance at love after a breakup with ex-fiancé and radio presenter Amaza Ntshanga.


Zahara, whose real name is Bulelwa Mtukutwana, can hardly put it into words how madly in love she is right now with Nelspruit-born businessman Ian Sibiya. She says the feeling is exhilarating and quite scary. She says she met the lucky guy about two months after she ended things with Amaza. She met him through one of her siblings when they were visiting her for the festive season.  ”I was in the swimming pool with my back facing them. He tapped me on the shoulder to greet me,” she recalls. "At that moment words couldn't come out to utter a response. I rushed to my room to change the swimwear." She says she’s not certain what was going on with her. “Before my siblings went home the next day, we prayed but he asked that he be the one to lead the prayer. He later asked for my numbers from one of my siblings,” she says. Zahara says they started talking on the phone but only met again a month later.  “He flew to one of Zahara Army events. He brought me flowers and teddy bears,” she says.


Zahara has already introduced him to her parents but only as a friend. ”My dad just said okay when I introduced him as a friend. I will tell them about the relationship when I’m ready,” she says. She says the way she fell for Ian was surreal for her – it was too good to be true. ”I couldn’t believe how in love I was falling for this guy. I even told him that we should take a break because things were going too fast. I even took a flight home to clear my head,” she reveals.


She says she kept the break-up with Amaza away from the public spotlight but had to make things clear that they’re no longer together because she felt she was depriving herself of happiness. Move! then enquired about her post on social media that she didn’t cheat on Amaza, but she wouldn’t be drawn into divulging if he was cheating or what the reason for their break-up was. “I will not say he did this wrong or I did that wrong because it was our relationship. Maybe he wasn’t meant for me or I wasn’t meant for him. We did have lobola negotiations. I asked myself if I was happy, but I found that I wasn’t,’ says Zahara.

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