Zelda La Grange weighs in on Tumi Morake's situation

2017-09-15 07:53
PHOTO: Tumi Morake Twitter

Award winning comedian, radio and television personality Tumi Morake opened up earlier this week about having received some racist verbal attacks ever since she joined Jacaranda FM's breakfast show. Tumi showed off screenshots of some of the comments on her social media to show what her past couple of months have been.

After seeing Tumi's tweets and hearing her story, Nelson Mandela's former personal assistant and author of Good Morning, Mr Mandela weighed in on the subject on her Facebook. Here's what she said;

"We are all equally angry at where SA is today. Whether it's about crime, farm murders or the fact that you still don't have a job or medical aid after 23 years. Our anger at the common denominator, read government, manifests itself in our daily lives on every level. Human nature requires us to have someone to be angry at. We fail to adequately direct that anger to the most deserving party so we focus on the person that is different, in SA's case, the other colour. It feels like you have no influence over government so there has to be a person that embodies what you are angry at. Tumi did not ask for anyone to be crucified. She didn't ask for extra money because of her past. She expects nothing but just to be heard. Have you tried saying to someone who is angry at you : 'I understand'?,It shuts down any hostility immediately. But we are so desperate to be counted or to be seen as heroes that bring someone down we fall prey to group madness. 

Try and really understand where she comes from for saying what she did. We, Afrikaners specifically, gave black people only humiliation and disrespect for more than 40years. Raise a child that you break down every day for 40years and see what happens to that child psyche. Imagine your own birth not being registered or your dad's death not being recorded. How would that make YOU feel. Black people in SA has had to live in a diet of disdain and contempt for 40years. It's going to take a lot of time, 50+ years, to reverse the psychological damage. 
She didn't ask for people to apologise. She asked to be understood. And we don't listen to understand. We listen to respond. 
My people were responsible for Apartheid. I can't change it but I can be caring, understanding, patient and have empathy. 
Not everything has to be a war or a boikot. We need to talk about the uncomfortable stuff without wanting to destroy. Our reaction shows our commitment to SA or not. Don't try and use the current idiots in government to justify your denial of the past. The sins of the fathers. Get angry at people because they are idiots, not because of the stereotypes in your head because that is limited to your reality and immediate experiences. 
Our default reaction has become to tear down anything outside of our 'us'. Equally black and white, while the people we actually should be angry at are the people failing to manage this country irrespective of who or what they are.
Let's go forward. Madiba always said its easier to change others than to change oneself. It's hard. I know that myself. But we can never stop trying."

Tumi also currently hosts popular late-night talkshow WTF Tumi on SABC 3.