Zinhle finally responds: I’m the mother of your child, you respect THAT!

2016-05-27 20:40
DJ Zinhle (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – ICYMI a war of words has officially erupted between DJ ZInhle and AKA after the rapper turned father went on a Twitter rant against his baby mama on Friday, 27 May.

Zinhle didn’t reply to any of his Tweets in the heat of the moment but rather waited until after his rant was over to weigh in with her thoughts.

Hours later she tweeted out the following in a series of updates:

“Believe me when I say that I DO NOT HATE Bonang, she saved me.  She is beautiful & she is very kind to be dating a fan... Bless her! Lets not lose focus. When everyone is ready to be an adult. You know where the baby & I are.  Twitter doesn't care about you. Oskido, Pearl, Euphonik & Oskido all called me and begged me not to respond. I apologize for the disrespect but he brought my MOM into it. EsiZulwini if you have a problem with the mother of your child, you arrange a meeting and speak to her family, not Twitter! Nowhere did Kiernan ever say where he might have gone wrong... He is a victim here.  At least respect my family & OUR child Again, call my family.. If Twitter is ur family bring them with.  Lastly, we have a child together, that's who WE are accountable to. Everytime there's beef, U R the common denominator. Ever thought about the fact that if U didn't make enemies, we wouldn't hv 2 choose sides I'm the mother of your child, you respect THAT!” (sic)