Zinhle fires back after fan accuses her of copying Bonang

2017-02-09 14:18


Zinhle (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – DJ Zinhle fired back at a fan on Instagram who claimed that a snap the star shared was reminiscent of a post by Bonang Matheba. 

“Rose petals on the dinner table and a bunch of roses were the last things I expected when he told me we were having dinner tonight,” Zinhle’s post read. 

Take a look here: 

After sharing the special moment she had with her bae, a fan commented, “Zinhle my love let’s not be too obvious a certain someone posted similar caption 2days ago hayibo (sic),” referring to a snap shared by Bonang after she was spoiled by her boyfriend. 

Take a look at Bonang’s post below: 

Setting the record straight, Zinhle wrote a lengthy reply to the fan, saying that she had not known about Bonang’s post. “You are not the first one, I’ve seen a lot of women who’ve never been through what I’ve been through share unkind words and think it’s okay cause I’m just a celebrity. I’m actually more than that, I’m a woman who had to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. I forgave myself and moved on,” she added. 

Read Zinhle’s full reply here: 

I didn't know other people also walked into dinner and found rose petals and roses waiting for them if they did. Good for them. My man did something amazing and I posted it. I love flowers & my man knows it. Couples buy each other flowers all the time. I am sure there are a million other men who bought flowers for their women. I know that it is entertaining for you & your friends to think that I do things to compete with anyone. Unfortunately I'm too old and I would never do that to my man. As much as you say you didn't mean it in a malicious way, yes you did. You are not the first one, I've seen a lot of women who've never been through what I've been through share unkind words and think it's okay cause I'm just a celebrity. I'm actually more than that, I'm a woman who had to pick up the pieces for her shattered life. I forgave myself and moved on. I worked on my healing and God blessed me with a beautiful man but people like you don't think I suffered enough so you come here looking for other ways to make sure I'm in more hurt. It won't work. I have moved on and I suggest you do too. God bless you. I hope you don't do this to your friends. Would be so sad to have a friend who does what you just tried to do.