Nimrod Nkosi opens up about the struggles of Utatakho

2015-10-05 09:00
Nimrod Nkosi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - They said it was going to be a tough job to fill Zola's shoes, but new Utatakho presenter Nimrod Nkosi seems to be taking it all in his stride!

Nimrod is a few weeks into his new job (read more about it here) and has reflected on his journey so far, including how it can sometimes be a tough job.

Talking to Sowetan, Nimrod says he is "passionate about the restoration of black families, especially black men as leaders of their families."

But that doesn't mean there aren't tough days on the job. Especially, when he has to ask older people awkward questions about sex.

"I set the tone and let them know that I recognise that they are older people. I apologise beforehand and to be submissive to the hierarchy is very important. That's why when it comes to questions of a sexual nature, you must find a manner in which you can ask without being disrespectful. It is merely trying to get to the bottom of the truth and assist those in need," Nimrod says.