Nonhle Thema on Twars and peace

2015-11-09 11:00
Nonhle Thema (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Nonhle Thema has no time to entertain cyber bullies on Twitter. 

Nonhle seems to have a love-hate relationship with the platform. The actress has often used the service to voice her opinions and to bear her heart to the world (like when she recently ranted about the BET awards here), but it has also been a cruel master, with its users often calling her horrible names and making up nasty rumours about her.

She admits that her relationship with the social network has often left her feeling "suicidal" (read more about that here).

But Nonhle says she has made peace with Twitter and (hold thumbs) it seems to have made peace back.

"I love everyone on Twitter right now. I've grown. I'm a mom now," she tells us when we caught up with her at an event recently.

"My life is good right now. I'm really happy. I don't think I was this happy in my 20's, because I was just trying so hard to be the 'It' girl and it wore me down. So, I'm happy I have a chance to enjoy life now," she adds.

So you see, Twitter, nothing you do can bring Nonhle down. 

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