Nonhle Thema speaks out about the haters: "I was told to kill myself"

2014-04-10 16:00


Actress, presenter and business woman, Nonhle Thema, has been in the television industry since she was a young girl. She's grown up before our eyes, and we've seen her at both her best and worst. We chatted to Nonhle about how she's grown up, the dark phases in her life, her haters and her regrets.

First up, congrats on your Club 808 gig...

Thank you. I'm really excited about it because it's going to be so fun interviewing people and talking about local and celebrity news. I love my job.

That's great to hear. You've been making headlines recently after your break-up with Arthur. How are you coping? 

You have to take the good things with the bad. I'm a strong, positive woman and I've learnt not to let negative things get me down. Arthur wasn't on the same mental level as me. He needs to grow up. I've learnt from my mistake of being with a younger guy. I will never date a younger guy again. I need a man, not a boy. there someone else in your life at the moment?

Yes, I'm dating a man (not a boy). He's the right age for me. He's older than me. But I'm not going to get the media and the public too involved this time because I want  our relationship to be private. And he's not famous. I'm not going to date celebrities.

You sound like you've done a lot of growing up from a few years ago. (Who can forget Boom Nonhle?) What's changed?

Motherhood has helped shape my life. My old life was focused on work, and I wasn't completely happy. My daughter is my life. It's the best feeling. My daughter humbles me. She makes me see the light. She's made me happy.

Your antics a few years back must've affected your career though?

Everything happens for a reason. I embrace my past. I appreciate going through that dark phase. It shaped me.

You got quite a few haters because of your antics. What do you say to them now?

I don't tolerate hate, and I don't let it get to me. I still have my fans that love me and I love them. Nonhle is determined and strong, and I have the help of God. But back then, I actually wanted to quit TV- but God brought me back. This is my destiny. My career is my second husband. It's not fun and games in the limelight. You need to be strong.

So, you don't have any regrets then?

I regret nothing. I don't like to live in regret. I'm a very strong woman and I embrace everything that's happened in my life. I wouldn't change anything. I got famous because I've got work ethic.

What are some of the offensive things that people have said to you?

One tweet that I got was someone telling me to kill myself and that my career's over. But I don't get upset anymore over people's mean words. Growing up has given me more love than hate.

Besides being on TV, what are some of your other projects?

 I act and I teach young girls power and to love themselves. I like to teach people how to rise above their problems.

Right, future plans?

 I'm going to carry on acting and presenting. I'm not going anywhere!


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