Our wacky interview with Janez: "Akon tried to hook me up with a girl once"

2014-07-12 09:00


It's an exciting time for former Top Billing Presenter and business man, Janez Vermeiren. Not only is he expecting a little one in the house any day now, but he's also just launched a new TV production business.

The Juice caught up with our favourite TV personality to chat about the crazier things in life! Like dressing in heels and getting hooked up by Akon. 

Janez it was your birthday recently and while we didn't get cake or an invite we did see a certain Instagram photo of the day that made us laugh. What's the story behind it?

 I don't really celebrate birthdays at my age but we've been completely soccer mad at home. Obviously Juliana (His Brazilian model fiancé)  is supporting Brazil and my son supports Belgium, so they painted themselves and walked into my room in the morning to surprise me.

That's hilarious. If you were in a soapie, which role would you play?

I think I would have to be true to myself. I know how to be a presenter and I know how to be myself and I'm not sure I could be any more than that. But if I could be cast in any role it would have to be James Bond. So, maybe a James Bond character meets Generations?

I think they called gangsters, Janez. Anyway, you're known for taking your shirt off a lot....

(laughs) I think those years are gone. I gotta be more careful now with what I do on camera. There's a lot more good looking guys than myself on screen now, so I gotta watch it.

We tend to disagree. What's the craziest experience you've had on TV?

It was pretty weird when I was interviewing Akon and he started pawning off these ladies to me. He had an entourage of woman that were following him around and he was like "That lady likes you, don't you want to go and hang out with her?" And I was like "Nah dude, I'm okay. I have a girlfriend at home". It was pretty strange to have Akon match-make for me.

Well we all know, even Akon, that you are locked down but who is your secret celeb crush?

I've met a couple of them, but one or two of the woman I've met I thought "she's all that and more" and one of those is Shakira! At the time I interviewed her I didn't think much of her but after interviewing her I thought she was amazing!

Have you ever been left feeling let down after meeting a celeb?

Yeah! One that comes to mind is Kim Kardashian. Here was this lady the world was obsessing over and there was all this expectation that she would be a superstar and she was just a let down. She was rude and basically everything you wouldn't expect her to be. I was disappointed. Contrast that with a few weeks ago when I met Gisele and I thought I only had 5 minutes to interview her and I expected her to be this rude supermodel but she was so nice. I walked into the room and she was serving me prawns and we ended up chatting for about an hour. It was really refreshing.

Nice. If you were having a celebrity dress up party, who would you go as?

It would have to be Lady Gaga! Just to be controversial. I would rock those heels and spandex!

Love it!



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