PRO on SA music: It’s bad out here

2015-11-07 16:00
PRO (Twitter)

Johannesburg- Listen up, hip-hop! Pro has had it with your nonsense, okay?

The rapper says he is tired of seeing hip-hop at war with itself and believes the industry needs to reunite to overcome its problems.

“We must stop competing with each other and arguing about how much money we have. Instead, we need to grow up and create an industry of our own, so that we don’t mimic or repeat what has been done wrong, but learn from it and come together,” PRO tells The Juice in an interview recently.

“Artists are strong, but they do not realise their power and potential to bring us all together. It’s bad out here. All this competition is nonsense,” he adds.

PRO has been in the industry for a decade and says he has learnt to not give into the egos of the industry.

“Music is colourless. Music is about unity. The one thing this industry has taught me is that you can be a musical superstar, but never ever think that you’re larger than life because there’s so much still to learn,” he says.

It is this lesson that has encouraged Pro to collaborate with popular rock band, Prime Circle, in what would seem too many as an unusual collaboration.

“It wasn’t strange at all to work with the guys. When we put ourselves in boxes or fight with each other, we overlook the opportunities we could have had and all the fun we could have had. I love people who collaborate and come together, with no bitterness or backbiting,” he tells us.

SA music, take notes...

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