Pabi Moloi reveals her dark struggles with depression

2015-10-21 07:00
Pabi Moloi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - When Pabi Moloi was diagnosed with depression in 2011, it was a dark time for the popular TV and radio personality.

Pabi has often spoken about her battles with depression, which led her to gaining weight (more on that here) but in an interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral recently she revealed just how much the condition affected her and her health.

"I went through huge trauma in 2011. A friend of mine was murdered and I just could not deal with it. We were very close. I think the issue with me is I didn't want to have a break down so I held on so tightly that when I did breakdown it was a super mega breakdown. I absorb all my emotions and like to be the person that other people lean on," she told Gareth.

"I was put on medication to try bust me out of my depression. In the middle of the night I would wake up at 2 or 3 am and I would just be eating and eating and eating, unconscious of what was going on. In the morning I would just see empty packets strewn everywhere. It's so gross. You're not in control of anything," she adds. 

Pabi says that was when she decided to turn to exercise to help her survive...and she's been a gym addict ever since. 

Glad you're better Pabi! 

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