Phelo Bala: It's not about what people think of me

2015-09-24 19:00


Phelo Bala (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's been a year since it was revealed that Phelo Bala had accepted his calling to be a sangoma. 

Phelo, who is the youngest of the Bala Brothers, has recently started opening up about his journey as a sangoma and how it's changed his life. 

In a series of recent interviews, Phelo explained that accepting his calling has been a life changing experience. 

Phelo recently took to Instagram where he explained to fans that it doesn't matter what people think of him. 

"It's not about what people think of me but rather how many lives are saved. My story can be painted in many ways and I may be quoted out of context, but all I know is that I have a testimony," he wrote.

Phelo added that he took a leap of faith and is reaping the rewards. 

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