Relax! Ringo Madlingozi is NOT dead

2015-10-28 13:30
Ringo Madlingozi (Instagram)

Johannesburg- The internet has falsely "killed" many celebrities around the world and it seems Ringo Madlingozi is now one of them.

The music icon woke up recently to find that, according to social media, he had suffered a heart attack and had died ....Totes awks!

Anyways Ringo has come out to confirm that he is indeed alive and well -and yes we are sure that it was him that was tweeting and not a ghost.

Talking to Citizen this week, Ringo says that the reports of his death were reckless and concerned him.

"People can be so stupid,” he told the paper. "I may be a public figure, but I’m also human. I have a family that loves me. What if they had seen those rumours?"

“I don’t go to the gym every day, but I take very good care of myself. I keep fit by running and dancing. I drink a lot of water and eat healthily most of the time,” he adds.

So there you have it, fam. No need to call AVBOB, Ringo is doing just fine!