Reports: Hlomla Dandala "breaks" a fan's heart

2015-11-06 18:00


Hlomla Dandala (Twitter)

Johannesburg- Actor Hlomla Dandala has been slapped with accusations from a fan, who claims he "romantically led her on." 

Speaking to Move! magazine Celeste Pringle explained that she has been left heartbroken by the actor's actions. 

Celeste told the mag that she was led to believe that she was more than a fan. Apparently they started chatting on Twitter, but before texting each other in no time.

Apparently in one daring message Celeste told Hlomla that she needed "sexual healing." 

The actor responded by saying, "Sold. I'd love to. Too much, in fact and therein lies my prob. I'm trying to free myself of the addiction to sex." 

Celeste added that she didn't see anything wrong with the message and claims that Hlomla made her feel so comfortable.

But Hlomla has dismissed the claims, explaining that he was just being polite to her. 

"Some people mistaken being polite for flirting. I didn't lead this woman on by  any means," he said. 

Hlomla added that he interacts with thousands of people on Twitter everyday, and never intended to start a romantic or sexual relationship with Celeste.