Reports: Trevor Gumbi could scrub toilets for speeding

2015-10-19 15:30
Trevor Gumbi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Comedian, and soon to be reality show star, Trevor Gumbi is reportedly in the poop for speeding - and the judge could have him scrubbing toilets as punishment. 

According to Sunday World, Trevor was caught speeding in Johannesburg earlier this month, but has stayed out of jail after agreeing to do community service instead. 

The star confirmed to the paper that he will be working in the community to pay back his dues, but is too embarrassed to reveal if that service includes cleaning toilets.

"I went to court for a traffic violation and got a diversion deal. It's more like community service, whereby one cleans toilets or assists with small work at the police station," Trevor tells the paper.

"It's too embarrassing for me to mention it," he adds when asked about his punishment.

So if you walk into the loo and see Trevor scrubbing, just know it's no joke!

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