Riky Rick and Shotgun Fakes create magic for Coke Studio

2015-09-21 21:15
Shotgun Fakes, Riky Rick, Lelo (Supplied)

Johannesburg - It's a new week and that means we get to see another fusion between an established artist and an up and coming group. This week Riky Rick and Shotgun Fakes (They're former members of The Arrows) fuse their styles and come up with something really unique.

And they did just that. Here's what happened.

Riky Rick x Shotgun Fakes

In case you forgot, they're given three days to work on a new song and the entire process is caught on camera. Stressful enough, so adding to the pressure was poor Riky, who was sick on the second day. And this is one of the very first projects that the newly established Shotgun Fakes have been involved in.

What we loved about the collab:

After playing around on the piano and guitar, something truly special emerged. Their song, Pick Me Up, is about feeling down and having someone to depend on. We're obsessed with the added drum beat and it crosses the music genres brilliantly, digging deep into all their talents.

Where to get the track:

Pick Me Up is available now and you can get it here

Lelo x 37mph

If there was anyone that was having a bad day, it was songbird Lelo Ramasimong. The producer fell ill, her computer crashed, and she had to come back at a different time. In fact, she even had to be specially flown in from Cape Town to make everything work. Despite all the drama, her voice found a different edge.

What we loved about the collab:

It's  magical to watch two people who you would never put together produce some extraordinary. Lelo and renowned producer, 37mph did just that with their track, Shine. Her smooth voice found wings and we're in love.

Where to get the track:

Shine is available here.

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