Sneak peek: Bonang Matheba covers Women's Health

2015-10-20 13:30


Bonang Matheba (Supplied by Women's Health)

Johannesburg- TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba sizzles on the latest issue of Women's Health magazine. 

Bonang was chosen as the cover star for the mag's annual November swimsuit edition. 

Editor Danielle Weakley revealed that Bonang was chosen for the mag's swimsuit edition because she embodies the new trend - that being fit is a holistic approach. 

"Traditionally, we shoot a swimsuit edition every year around November – and I think Bonang just summed up the mood of the moment. Globally, health is about so much more than just fitness – it's about being both fit and healthy in body and in mind – and I think she rocks this concept," Danielle told The Juice. 

Bonang's photoshoot for the mag looks all kinds of amazing, but believe it or not, even she was rather shy about showing off her sexy body in those swimsuits. 

"With age, comes a bit of maturity and self-confidence. I’m quite a conservative girl. The clothes I wear every day or on the red carpet, I’m always kind of very covered. It takes a lot. Even with this shoot, I’m still nervous, but I’m better than I was five or six years ago," Bonang told the mag. 

In the magazine spread Bonang also revealed some of her secrets to living a healthy life. 

"What people don’t know is my job's not always about eating out. I do a lot of meditating, I have a spiritual healer, there’s a lot of quiet time, relaxing. It’s a whole package that fits together. With a healthy body, spirit and mind, it all works together. You can drink water, eat right and work out here and there, but you also need to make sure that your skin’s healthy, your soul is healthy, that your heart is happy, that you do regular check-ups. It’s a full-faceted thing," she explained. 

Read all about Bonang's tips and secrets to living life to the fullest, as well as a step-by-step guide to her amazing abs workout in the latest issue of Women's Health on shelf from 21 October.

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