Shugasmakx on hip hop: There's a dark spirit in the game

2015-09-16 09:00
Shugasmakx (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Skwatta Kamp rapper, Shugasmakx is mourning the state of hip hop at the moment, saying there's a dark spirit that is clouding the genre.

Hip hop is healthier than it has been in a long time but, as Shugasmakx told khanyi Mbau on Katch it with Khanyi this week, it's never been so divided and on the brink of self destruction.

"Guys have put a dark spirit into the game. There's no more unity. Now there is too much Instagram and Twitter and negative vibes," Shugasmakx says. "People pushing the envelope is good, but people need to let go of this dark cloud and maybe shine some positive vibes." 

Shugasmakx says that hip hop has changed from the day when his group, Skwatta Kamp, used to support and encourage other hip hop artists so that they could all grow together.

"People who were selling massive amounts of records and were superstars on the continent were very open,warm and welcoming. They weren't arrogant," he says.