Sources: Pro & his wife are just fine

2015-09-25 14:09


Onalerona and ProVerb (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Ever since ProVerb confirmed on Twitter in August that his wife had had an affair, there has been tons of speculation about whether or not their relationship would survive.

At the time, Pro asked people not to judge Onalerona, saying he has his children to consider.

Just a few weeks after the scandal broke, Onalerona posted a picture of them together, adding to the speculation that things were okay.

Several sources have also confirmed this to The Juice, saying they are working on their marriage. "Just like any other couple, they go through things. But they live together and are in the process of working things out."

Another source adds: "They are happy. They go through patches, and it's going to take time and a lot of hard work, but they are determined to fix things and be the best that they can be together."

In what might be their first public appearance together since news of the affair broke, Pro and Onelerona were at the Pharrell Williams concert in Jozi. Our eyewitnesses who were in the VIP suite say they looked happy. "They were holding hands and he put his arm around her. You could see they were a couple. There was nothing going on. They were with a group of people and they looked like any other couple."

Onalerona even posted this cute snap of them together, which, well, says it all...

Car Selfie... ??

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