To peel or not to peel - a facial investigation

2015-02-16 20:57


If you're like us, every year there are added crows feet to your face. With so many new products on the market and so-called 'wonder' treatments, just who and what do we trust? We spoke to well-known skin specialist, Sonette Donker to get the low-down on a growing (but old) trend. 

Here's what we found out...

Why should one have chemical peels? As we get older certain mechanisms in the skin slow down. Having regular chemical peels will activate these mechanisms again. If you suffer with hyperpigmentation and acne breakouts, chemical peels can rectify these conditions.

What type of chemical peel are you doing? I do combination Hydroxy Acid peels (Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid) and TCA (Trichloracetic Acid Peels). These vary in strength from Superficial Peels to Medium Depth Peels.

What does a chemical peel do? It removes dead skin cells stimulating the skin renewal process. It stimulates collagen synthesis and it removes pigmentation and clear breakouts. Through the rejuvenation process, it also helps to minimize scarring and refines the skin texture.

Is there a specific skin type that you are targeting? No, it's more about skin conditions than skin types. So I would be focussing on hyperpigmentation, acne and ageing.

Is there a certain age that you should start doing this? If you are a teenager battling with acne, you can come as soon as the condition starts. But most of my clients are ages 25+.

Is this for men and women? Yes, for both. Interesting enough, I currently have 70% female clients and 30% are male.

How often should one have a chemical peel? If we have a skin concern to rectify, we will do a course of 4 peels at bi-weekly intervals, wait a month and then continue maintaining and preventing at monthly intervals. Some clients just want to preventative treatment, then we just do a peel everything month.

What is the end result? A healthy skin with an even skin colour, refined skin texture, no breakouts and working at an optimum level.

What is the price? I believe I am very affordable as it is my focus to make it available and affordable for people to do it on a monthly basis, compared to just be able to afford it once a year. Having monthly treatments changes your skin, not annually. My peels range from R450 to R850 and my packages from R2 400 to R3 500.

Is this part of medical aid? No

What products do you use? Dermaceutic, which is from France. They have all the medical data on place and have done over a million peels to date.

What do you say to people who say this is too expensive? Can you really put a price on your skin, is my answer. You only have one skin, so best you look after it...

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