Tol Ass Mo opens up about being a dad

2015-10-22 18:00
Tol Ass Mo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Some of the proudest moments in a man's life is watching his son grown up. It's a great feeling and one Tol Ass Mo knows well.

The comedian has always had a soft side for his kids and in a revealing Instagram post this week has paid tribute to his "air to the thrown": his son TK.

Posting a snap of TK, Tol Ass Mo wrote: "I was never taught how to be a man, but this kid gave me the opportunity to be the father I always dreamt of."

Tol Ass Mo has often spoken about the pains of growing up with an absent father who was never there to provide for him. That's why he has decided to do all that he can to provide and support his son, not just for now but for forever.

"I love you my son. When God takes me one day I want you to take care of your mom and sisters. I have left everything in you and your sisters name to grow the legacy," he wrote to his son.

Someone nominate Tol Ass Mo for Father of the Year, please!