Toya Delazy opens up about life as a real-life princess

2015-10-10 18:00
Toya Delazy (Instagram)

Johannesburg - In case you didn't know, Toya Delazy is a real life Zulu princess!

She's the granddaughter of Mangosuthu Buthelezi and great-great granddaughter of Zulu King Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo.

But what's it like growing up as a princess, having to deal with people bowing in front of you, pretty much wherever you go?

Toya says that her childhood was filled with people bowing to her and having to dress up for traditional ceremonies and meetings.

"I get a lot of that at home. It's hard because I can't even go to the bathroom there, and it's not like my family can bail me out because they are royal too. And with the Toya Delazy thing too, it get a little over overdone," she told Gareth Cliff in an interview on Cliffcentral recently.

Toya reveals that it can be hard to try balance her modern fame with the old school respect she gets as royalty, especially as she's expanded to an international space and kind of leaves "Princess Latoya Buthelezi" behind.

'I didn't feel like it was enough to be born into a royal family and think this was it and I was better than everyone else. I really wanted to make my own path and that was music. So, ever since I got educated and met people from around the world, I found myself. And with all this education, you realise your self worth doesn't just come from your lineage," she says. 

Take a listen to the rest of her interview, including the day she told her grand dad she's no longer wearing a dress, below.

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