Trevor Noah rates his Daily Show performance so far

2015-11-05 14:29
Trevor Noah. (Getty Images)

Johannesburg - It's been little over a month since Trevor Noah took over as the host of popular US talk show, The Daily Show, and his performance has been rated by many, including himself.

A lot has been said in the media, and by fans online, about Trevor's abilities since he took over from Jon Stewart at the end of September, with many pointing to a decline in the show's ratings.

But it seems there has been no harsher critic of Trevor than himself. 

Talking to Adweek recently, Trevor reveals that he is often hard on himself and mauls over his performances.

"I’m extremely hard on myself. Very seldom do I walk away going, 'That was great.' Most nights, I get home and I go, 'Ah, that’s what I should have done!'" he says.

Still, he believes there is a lot to be grateful for .

"I think we can be very proud of ourselves, because as a show we have gone from people saying, 'Will it be a trainwreck?' to people critiquing us as The Daily Show, saying 'this argument wasn’t watertight' and 'this could have been better.' I take that as a compliment because before it was just, 'is this even going to work?'"

When asked what the toughest thing about doing the show every day is, Trevor says it has taught him to how to work under pressure and has helped him develop a thicker skin.

"Three things. No. 1, putting the show together every single day—having a great angle, covering the news, making it funny. The second thing is planning for the future while we’re working on the present. You’re doing that at the same time, and that’s tough, because often creativity lives in the space of a very relaxed atmosphere. Third is, on a personal level, finding that you have to make your skin thicker and thicker every single day," he tells the magazine.

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