Why Sade Giliberti just had to leave SA

2015-09-15 10:00
Sade Giliberti (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's been a couple of months since Sade Giliberti packed it all up and moved to the UK. And the TV personality has now reflected on her journey so far, including the reasons why she chose to leave South Africa.

Speaking to The Juice in February, Sade revealed that she was leaving to be closer to family in Europe (Read more about that here), but in a post on bestie Roxy Burger's blog, Sade reveals that she also left to go chase a bigger dream than she could achieve in SA.

Reflecting on her time in SA, she wrote: "This may sound conceited of me to even say, but a massive part of me felt that I had reached my peak back home with regards to being a TV presenter. I needed more, and S.A wasn’t going to give it to me."

"I’ve always remained the humble type. Grateful for my career and my job on television, never looking down on people because of the work I do. I guess a massive part of me was also tired of going up against people who were seen as the best of the best." 

"Don’t get me wrong: all of these said people are good at their jobs. But it was always the same people and that was boring for me. Egos can be so exhausting to be around. So where else can one remain humble if not in a city that is bigger than yours?"she adds.

Sade also reveals that another reason for her leaving was because of lost love, but assures fans that that she's doing well in her new home and is looking forward to making her mark on the world!

"It’s been an eye opener for me, but also a very exciting adventure to be on. Emotionally it’s been draining, exciting but draining. Spirituality it’s tested every part of me, but it’s also been very enlightening. I’ve spent the last year being as disciplined as I possibly could be with regards to my spirituality."

"Maybe it’s because I ended a relationship with a person I dearly loved; with that amount of heartache one always needs something positive to pull them out of their rut," she wrote.

Luckily for Sade, she seems to have found someone new in her life (take a peek here).

Glad to see all is going well, Sade! Don't forget to send a postcard!