A magical finale in the Coke Studio

2015-12-07 21:15
Mi Casa on Coke Studio (Supplied)

Johannesburg - For 16 weeks, Coke Studio has been giving us fusions between artists we never thought possible. Season one saw our local musicians mix their talents to give fans a taste of new sounds that had everybody excited.

As season one wraps up, the final episode saw Kayrab and Clu team up, Nonku and Tresor make magic and Mi Casa creating the season's title track.

It was a pretty damn spectacular ending and here's hoping season 2 is coming soon...

Kayrab x Clu

Karabo Motjuwadi (aka Kayrab Mayrab) and Clu ended the season finale with an inspirational song that really hit home with both artists. They were part of Coke Studio RAW, which gives undiscovered talent the chance to work with a well-known producer. It's been an incredible journey to watch how much they've grown. 

What we loved most about the fusion: Because the song was such a personal one and hit home with Kayrab, that raw passion can really be felt. "I recently led the nine to five corporate world to pursue music as a career. The Coke Studio experiences has been surreal and I still can't believe it actually happened."

Where to get the track: The track is called On My Life and you can get it here. 

Nonku x Tresor

This has got to be one of our fave fusions of the entire series. Nonku and Tresor had a few hiccups to start off with, but soon found their feet and managed to come together for a soulful fusion that we'd happily play during any Sunday chill session. 

What we loved most about the fusion: Nonku said she wanted to create something prolific and she did just that. Together with Tresor, they really did unite to produce a song with just enough soul, funk and more than enough beat to get us downloading it immediately.

Where to get the track: The song is called Noir Lumiere and you can get it here

Mi Casa

For the finale, Coke Studio brought back the boys of Mi Casa and they fused with a live band. They started at 11am and needed a song by 5pm. But the musical masters managed to do it and performed a magnificent final farewell on the first season of Coke Studio. The song is called  I love The Music and you can get it here.

And that's a wrap! See you soon for season two, we hope!

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