AKA doesn’t want you in his fan photo!

2016-04-12 15:14


AKA. (Photo: Instagram)

Cape Town – Fans hoping to snap a selfie with their fav rapper will have to be satisfied with much less.

AKA took to Instagram on Tuesday to give his fans some advice when approaching him for a pic.

He posted a pic of himself on Insta and captioned it: “Don't take a picture with me, take a picture of me. If take a picture with you, I gotta take a picture with everybody.”

AKA later added on Twitter: "How many pics have you seen me take with people. Don't be fucken stupid man ... It's just a cool line. What you don't know is that quote is actually attributed to R.Kelly. He once said that to Bouga Luv. (sic)"

Well, now you know!

Just a few days ago AKA praised his new bae, Bonang, for his newfound professionalism on social media.

He wrote: "I always had style, I guess now I have the money and made the connections to dress nice. I'm in close proximity to someone who has made me rethink what it means to be a 'brand'. I used to have shitty social media management for instance .... I've just picked up a few things from her, observed, and made them my own. That's what happens when great people come together. Inspiration.”

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