AKA: I want to create opportunities for people

2016-02-08 08:00
AKA takes shots (Instagram)

Johannesburg - See, this is why we love CliffCentral. You get to listen to in-depth interviews with our fave celebs.

Take AKA for example. He was recently on #Kellman on CliffCentral with one of his besties, Prince Costinyo, where the two discussed friendship, goals and each other.

On the show, AKA was asked how he is socially conscious. "Through my music. Music is a spiritual experience and for me I bring happiness to people. If people have problems, they turn on my music and make themselves feel better. It doesn't stop there though. I want to create opportunities for people. This guy was playing keys in church. Now he's my musical director. He travels with me everywhere. He had the skills that were needed and he'll go on to do bigger and better things. Maybe I'll even start a foundation one day."

On his plans for the year, AKA says it's all about business. "I want to revolutionise the business. Building on the links we built across the continent. But it's all centred around my album, touring and landing big deals this year. Having a daughter changed my whole energy. I don't care about bullshit as much. Bullshit just slides off me. I understand what comes with the territory."

The two were part of a show called Squad Goals, and even though AKA says there isn't a bromance going on, it's safe to say they were crushing hard on each other.

If you want to listen, click here.

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